Brightening & Pore Care Serum Kit

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RM54.00 RM75.00
Experience Medicube's 2 best serums at once!
Get rid of scarring with the Camu Camu Serum then reduce pores with the One-day Serum.

The Camu Camu Serum gives you visible blemish control effects in just 10 days.
Contains 82% of high concentration camu camu water to improve melanin in your skin as well as the brightening ingredient niacinamide to help with pigmentation.

One-day Serum gives you pore tightening effects in just one day.
Contains 15.2% of AHA+BHA+PHA to help with dead skin cells as well as soothe/brighten/control oil balance to triple the care on your pores.

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