Youth Boosting Collagen Set 3.0

RM299.00 RM448.00
Reverse time with the Youth Boosting Set
Triple the collagen, triple the glow Restore saggy, baggy, and uneven skin to its youthful glory.
Get the perfect skin that glows from the inside. 

The Youth Boosting Set contains triple Collagen Complex absorbs into skin for deep hydration from within (collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid). It also contains hydrolyzed collagen, atelo collagen, soluble collagen that penetrates faster and deeper into the skin barrier, hydrating skin from the inside out.

Deep Erasing Cream contains 11 patented ingredients clinically proven to smooth out fine lines, fill in wrinkles, tighten pores, and eliminate blemishes and dark spots. These carefully formulated ingredients feature various anti-wrinkle, anti-blemish/anti-hyperpigmentation, and anti-pore properties. They work seamlessly together to provide you with brighter, more radiant skin.

Main Ingredients

Triple Collagen Complex

Hydrolyzed collagen, atelo collagen and soluble collagen lock moisture and boost skin elasticity


Deeply moisturizes skin to give you that youthful glow


Reduces skin inflammation and helps keep skin smooth and moisturized





Skincare Step

1. Triple Collagen Toner 3.0 Moisturizes tired skin.
2. Triple Collagen Serum 3.0 Nourishes and restores skin elasticity.
3. Triple Deep Erasing Cream Anti-wrinkle cream that brightens skin.

Mix with cosmetic products and apply on dry skin to prevent cakey makeup and get that natural, glowy look.

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