Day & Night Care Serum

RM219.00 RM332.00

With 2 different serums from medicube's best selling Zero Line, get double the pore tightening effects day and night!

Zero Pore Serum 2.0 gives you pore tightening effects and helps improve blackheads, sebum and skin texture. The Zero One-day Serum contains medicube's unique pore shrinking technique to help shrink pore walls then shrink your pores.

Zero Pore Serum 2.0's special pore improving ingredients: Contains the patented ingredient Anti Sebum P and pore complex to give you results in 2 weeks.

Zero Pore One-day Serum's special pore shrinking ingredient: contains 15.2% of AHA for dead skin care + BHA for pore control + PHA for peeling effects to give you the ultimate pore shrinking experience.
Zero Pore Serum 2.0 35ml
Zero Pore One Day Serum 30ml

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