Red Cleansing Oil

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DEEP Cleansing, LESS Irritation : Deep cleansing oil suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

For Daily Care Moisturizing care suitable for daily use on all skin types
Texture Lightweight & fresh oil texture which is suitable for all skin types.

What it is
01. Helps to break down sebum without blocking pores. Clinically tested to be non-comedogenic.
02. Medi Quick Acme cleansing method. Fast and effective oil cleansing.
03. Hypoallergenic and low-irriation formula suitable for sensitive skin. Ultra-mild formulation safe for use on the most sensitive of skin types.

What is special
Red Cleansing Oil was developed through continuous research and testing, which led to the creation of our hypoallergenic cleansing oil that is safe for the most sensitive and fragile skin types.

Who needs it
Those who want to cleanse pores and cleanse their face all at once
Those who want to feel moisturized immediately after cleansing
Those who need a powerful cleansing step
Those looking for a lightweight and refreshing cleansing oil
Those with sensitive skin

Size: 150ml


Clinical Results

Clinically verified non-comedogenic
Clinically verified low irritation
Clinically verified non-irritating to the eyes

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