Red Clear Cica Wash Off Body Pad

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Red Clear Cica Wash Off Body Pad
Targets area behind the arms, bikini line, backside area

"WASH-OFF" Red Clear Cica Wash Off Body Pad
14.75% 3 types of AHA (Citric Acid + Lactic Acid + Glycolic Acid) + 2% Niacinamide

What is Red Clear Cica Wash Off Body Pad?
SWIPE BEFORE SHOWER & WASH OFF Treat and prevent razor bumps with 14.7% AHA.

How to use "Wash-off" Body Pad?
Pour the essence into the tub right before using the body pads for maximum freshness and hygienic use. Use before shower.
Cleanse with water after use.
1. Swipe pad on areas of concern gently before showering.
2. After swiping, cleanse with water.
3. Feel the difference in skin texture after use.

* You must conduct a patch test before use
* Contains high concentration for best results. Please remember to cleanse after using.

Why Red Clear Cica Body Scrub?
1. Best solution for Razor Bumps
Bumpy skin care with 37% ingredients complex
14.75% AHA
2% Niacinamide
Centella Asiatica

2. Intensive care with a dual-sides pad
Melt away sebum and dead skin cells stuck in pores by gently swiping the pads on your skin Embossed side - Exfoliates & Sebum care
Silky side - Soothes & Refines

3. Clinically tested (After 2 weeks)
Improve skin texture - 3%
Improve skin's glow - 1.2%
Reduces sebum production - 13.3%
Reduces dead skin cells - 26.4%
Reduces skin redness - 3.3%

Who needs it?
Who are suffering from ingrown hair after shaving
Who have bumpy skin
Who want to care for their skin after brazilian waxing
Who want to care for specific body areas
Who are experiencing sensitive skin and/or skin redness

Weight: 200ml / 50 pads

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