Super Cica Ampoule

RM89.00 RM133.00

Upgraded with higher tea tree content and Medicube's very own 10,000ppm Super Cica 7, this certified low-irritation ampoule can rejuvenate any sensitive, stressed or tired skin. Your best bet for smooth, controlled skin!

Get more out of a single product with highly concentrated centella asiatica extract (60.7%) in place of purified water. Coupled with Nano Cica Liposome System to deliver all that ampoule goodness to calm, heal and protect your skin.

This ampoule has undergone 5 human application tests and is certified non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and free from 26 types of allergens including artificial fragrance and pigments. Here's a little bonus, our packaging is now certified eco-friendly too!


Size: 40ml


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