Zero Pore Cleansing Water

RM70.00 RM115.00

Low-irritation, high-hydration cleansing water for
Makeup removal
Sunscreen removal
Pore cleansing
Sebum control

Formulated with Medicube Micro-cellar™ System to clean out micro-impurities and sebum in the pores. Start and end your day with clean skin; free from any makeup, sunscreen, pollution, and excess oil residues. So hydrating and gentle, even the most sensitive skin will feel hydrated and fresh after!

We know.. double cleansing is a chore but your skin will thank you with poreless, smooth skin. No more whiteheads, blackheads, and clogged pores!

Size: 400ml

Key Ingredients

Micro-cellar™ System

Patented micellar particle technology absorbs sebum and impurities in pores to deliver hypoallergenic deep cleansing effect

Dermatic AC Complex 1%

Unique formulation that rids waste and dead skin cells trapped in ultra-fine pores

Super HA 7 Layering

Combination of 7 hyaluronic acids to add and retain skin moisture


Hypoallergenic Cleansing

Sebum Control

pH Balance

How to use

1. Pour a generous amount onto a cotton pad
2. Gently wipe the entire face to rid dirt and impurities
3. For eye and point makeup, gently press cotton pad onto area for 5-10 seconds to dissolve makeup before wiping

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