[Repeat Purchase] Age-R Collagen Booster Gel



Made specially for AGE-R Device, AGE-R Collagen Booster Gel

✔ Filled with collagen to take care of elasticity and radiance simultaneously.
✔ Firm micro collagen capsules are quickly absorbed, making skin visible elastic and radiant, full of nutrition.

#Long Time Radiance
#7 Types of Collagen 
#Collagen Micro collagen capsules

Visible Elasticity & Radiance Dual Care

Visible Elasticity & Radiance Booster Gel, full of glow.

Contains Collagen Capsules
Combination of gel serum and capsules: a special formula for skin that lacks radiance. Quickly absorbs and provides visible elasticity & radiance care.

Self-assessment questionnaire Completed
Functional product for brightening and wrinkle improvement
Sunken cheeks improved by 28.1%
Sunken smile lines improved by 14%
Sunken chin improved by 20.1%
Sunken crow’s feet improved by 12.4%
Sagging cheeks improved by 2.9%
Sagging smile lines improved by 1.5%
Sagging chin improved by 3.4%
Sagging crow’s feet improved by 2.8%
Deep visible skin elasticity improved by 3.8%

*Excerpt from AGE-R Collagen Booster Gel Self-test Report
*Results may vary

Key Ingredients

Plant Stem Cell Extract

Why plant stem cell extract?
1. Eco-friendly
Since the cultures can be grown and cultivated in a lab, the environmental footprint is greatly reduced.
2. Sustainable incubation
Environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity can be controlled, enabling continuous and rapid cultivation.
3. Increased efficiency
By improving crop quality, secondary metabolites (enzymes, vitamins, etc) can also be produced.



Best results with Age-R Device

Visible skin Elasticity care

How to use

Apply a generous layer of product on desired area, as well as a small dollop on the roller heads of the device.

*TIP. Using more gel strengthens the stimulation. If you feel that the strength of the device is too weak or too strong, try adjusting the amount of gel applied.


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