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How to use
Age-R Booster-H?

  1. After wash your face gently, applying the skin care product on your whole face.
  2. Press and hold the power button to turn it on.
  3. There are three methods to use the device : Watering, Boosting and Focus. So, after selecting the level, use it in the areas you need, such as skin and neck with your preferred method. Go to 3 ways to use
  4. Please use the device until the skin care products on your face are completely absorbed.

3 Ways To Use.

Choose and use it with the most effective method for you!

There are three methods to use the device : Watering, Boosting and Focus.

  • WateringHydration Care

    Watering method is rolling the device head like a drawing circle and it is recommended when you use the device with a moisturizing skin care product.

  • BoostingRadiance Care

    Boosting method is sliding the device on the skin, and it is recommended when you use the device with a nutritious skin care product.

  • FocusConcentrated Care

    The focus method is pressing the head of device one spot at a time on the skin, and it is recommended when you use the device with a mask pack or a highly concentrated skin care product.


Complete elasticity care that stimulates deep within the skin.
Beginner's guide on how to start using the Age-R devices

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  • Pro Guide

Better with.

Products that work well with the medicube Booster-H!

Age-R Booster-H helps glowy skincare with increasing the absorbtion rate of active ingredients in cosmetics 7 by 490% through electrical stimulation.

So, you can use the device more effectively if you are using the device along with the products as shown below depending on your concern.

Collagen Glow Bubble Serum

24h Glow & Lifted Look

RM192.00 RM135.00


  • Q. Can I use the device every day?

    You may use the Age-R Booster-H every day. However, depending on skin condition and type, please adjust the frequency of use.

  • Q. Should I use the device with skincare product?

    If you use the device without the skin care product, energy stimulation may not be delivered well. The level of energy transfer to the skin may vary, depending on the viscosity and moisture content of skincare product. Thus, we highly recommend you to use the device with skincare product which contains sufficient moisture.

  • Q. Can I use the device on top of a sheet mask?

    You may use it on top of the mask pack, but the stimulation might feel differently depending on the thickness of the mask pack sheet you are using. So, if you feel less stimulation when it used on the mask pack, we recommend to use the device at a higher level than usual.

  • Q. Can I use the deivce around the eyes area?

    You may use the device around the eyes area. However, the skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive, so it is recommended to be used at a low level and short time rather than using it for a long time. * Please do not use the device in uvula (Adam's apple), areas with wounds, and surgical area.

  • Q. Can I use the device other parts of body besides the face?

    You may use the device on your neck and body. Please use the device in your concerning area such as acne-prone skin, dryness and pigmented along with corresponding body care product.

  • Q. How to charge the Age-R Booster-H?

    You can charge the device with USB-C type cable included in the box, and the green LED light will be on once the device is fully charged. Please take note that the device does not operate while charging.

  • Q. How should I clean the device?

    After use, we highly recommend to wipe the head with soft cloths, cotton pads, and cotton swabs. We do not recommend washing the Age-R devices with water because it may cause a failure.