[Facial Lifting & Contouring] Age-R Derma EMS Shot

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Age-R Booster Gel Serum


The next level of skincare.
✔ Instant Facial-Lift & Cumulative results
✔ Facial Sculpting
✔ Clinically tested
✔ FDA-Registered


What is AGE-R Device?
A new facial EMS beauty device for skin elasticity care.
The Medicube Age-R Device is an advanced device that helps to improve facial contour/features and appearance of line from inside out by gently massaging and stimulating sub-dermal muscles using medium-frequency-energy.
The core of skin elasticity lies in the muscles below the skin’s surface. Mid-frequency energy currents can help massage and stimulate inactive muscles in the skin, which supports skin elasticity.

How does facial EMS work?
Among various methods of treatment using electrical current (Galvanic current, Microcurrent, and EMS - all commonly often referred to as microcurrent), EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) utilizes electrical currents of reverse polarity to stimulate inner muscles and help them relax & contract.
Stimulating and massaging the inner muscles directly will help strengthen them, which ultimately help improve skin elasticity and reduce sagging skin. Recent studies have also revealed that electrical stimulation may be helpful at promoting ATP synthesis to a certain extent as unipolarity microcurrents do.

Why medicube AGE-R Device?
1. Trustworthy Certification
Certified by safety federations around the world (Europe, USA, Japan and Korea)
Approved device for your safe, daily use by 4 global certification oraganizations: KC, CE, FCC, and PSE and also registered with the US FDA.

2. Face & Body Total Care with personalized 3 modes (Up, Slim, Body)
You can experience customized therapy with 3 modes (Up, Slim, Body modes).
3 modes & mid-frequency energy help a detailed care on all facial muscles (Jowl/Jawline, Cheeks, Cheekbones, Temples, Eye Area, and Forehead) and body

3. One-of-a-kind ergonomic structural design
70° - Optimal angle designed to replicate the feeling of an esthetician’s acupressure massage techniques.
Ball shape - Modeled after a human thumb to simulate the feeling of an acupressure massage.
128g - With a weight of 128g, only an optimal amount of pressure is effectively delivered with the mid-frequency energy currents.
Horizontal ridges - Ridged texture was designed to effectively distribute the gel to the skin and maintain comfortable contact.
Aerodynamic design - Designed to provide a comfortable grip to achieve an optimal massage experience.

> Medicube AGE-R DEVICE
> USB Charging Cable
> User Manual
Weight : 175*75*50mm / 220g

Mode Settings

Slim | 465 - 525nm

Stimulates facial skin and helps with slimming the face.

Up | 630 - 660nm

Stimulates the sub-dermal muscles to help improve elasticity.

Body | 526 - 590nm

Helps the muscles to contract and relax to improve the appearance of the body’s contours.

Clinical Trials

After a single use

Improvement in Sagging Eye Area 10%

Improvement in Sagging Cheeks 10%

Improvement in Sagging Smile Lines 5%

Improvement in Sagging Jowl / Jawline 8%

Improvement in Deep Smile Lines 16%

After 4 weeks of use

Improvement in Sagging Eye Area 17%

Improvement in Sagging Cheeks 14%

Improvement in Sagging Smile Lines 13%

Improvement in Sagging Jowl / Jawline 9%

Improvement in Deep Smile Lines 30%

*Result may vary among individuals due to different environmental factors

Cautions Before Use

1. Avoid using around the eyes or around the Adam's apple.
2. Avoid using on the armpits and the chest area.
3. Before use, it is recommend to remove all metal accessories and jewelry.
4. Test Before Use
Before use, apply the gel and test the device on the palm of your hand (by placing both the roller heads on the spots).
Start the device from the lowest setting


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