Ussera Deep Shot Collagen Production

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Age-R Booster Gel Serum

Home care for collagen boosting! Visualize pro-level treatment results yourself. #High frequency #Ultrasound #No recovery time #Enhance collagen stimulation

The Ussera Deep Shot Device helps enhance collagen stimulation within your skin. It helps plump up the skin by stimulating collagen to aid with aging skin. Using dual energy, it stimulates the skin and collagen within it. Get high-end, premium anti-aging therapy inside your own home and regain your skin's liveliness!

What is Age-R Ussera Deep Shot Device?
A powerful skin collagen stimulation home device using ultrasound & high frequency. For lack of collagen from aging, high frequency+ultrasound dual energy can help 'simultaneously' to fill in the gaps

Why medicube Ussera Deep Shot Device?
1. Uniquely developed by Medicube Patented technique Deep Shot for powerful skin collagen stimulation. High frequency - A technique that generates heat deep into the skin Ultrasound - A technique that shoots ultrasonic wave energy

2. Trustworthy Certification A thoroughly checked device up to the inside parts (Cerifications from KC, CE, FCC, RCM, PSE.) We worked along with a business that specializes in lasers, high frequency, ultrasonic waves, etc. to design and put together the device within Korea.

Clinically tested
Skin elasticity differences in just 4 weeks

Sunken cheek area skin improvement 37.8%
Sunken smile line skin improvement 16.3%
Saggy cheek area skin improvement 7.1%
Saggy smile line skin improvement 4.4%
Dermis layer density improvement 8.5%
Skin mark recovery (elasticity recovery) improvement 48%
Outer skin elasticity improvement 5.6%
Pore volume improvement 42.7%
Skin glossiness (glow) improvement 22.3%
Skin texture (unevenness) improvement 7.6%

*Excerpt from Age-R Ussera Deep Shot human application test report

How to use

In order to give you a truly professional experience and effect, it contains a self-application system where the SHOT button must be pressed to apply 1 shot onto each area.
*First-time users must begin with level 1.

1. Press down on the power button to turn on.
2. Press the level button to change the level. Level changes with each press.
3. Apply the booster gel onto the electode head then stick onto the face to spread the gel.
4. Press the electrode head onto trouble areas then press the shot button (3) to apply 1 shot
5. Move the electrode head onto one area at a time, pressing the SHOT button (3) for a total of 80 shots.

2 Ways to use
Basic method - Press the head onto the skin then stop on one area before applying 1 shot
Low-irritation method - Press the head onto the skin then continue to move areas while applying 1 shot





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