[Glow Lifting] Collagen Glow Bubble Serum

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For East Malaysia, aerosol sprays such as the Collagen Glow Bubble Serum are classified as items that are not eligible for air transportation, making it challenging to process our orders. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause in making your purchase.

24h Glow & Lifted look
Solutions for loss of elasticity
Firm and dense bubble. Collagen Glow Bubble Serum

What is Collagen Glow Bubble Serum?
Collagen Serum with airy mousse formula that Reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles
24h Glow & Lifted Look, Proven by Survey

What is Special?
POINT 1. 50,000ppm of 11 Different Collagens
POINT 2. 24-Hour Glow & Lifted Look
POINT 3. Fast absorbing non-sticky mousse formula

Clinical Test
Instant Lifting Effect Proven by Survey
Smile Lines (After 1 use) - 18.6% Improved
Mouth Area (After 1 use) - 17.2% Improved
Glabella (After 1 use) - 16.5% Improved
Cheeks (After 1 use) - 28.3% Improved
Forehead (After 1 use) - 29.3% Improved
Saggy Smile Lines (After 1 use) - 3.2% Improved
Crow’s Feet (After 1 use) - 9.1% Improved
Saggy Chin (After 1 use) - 2.6% Improved

Skin Radiance, Glow (1 Day of Use) - Increased 49.5%
Skin Texture (1 Day of Use) - Decreased 5.8%
Evenness of Skin Tone - Decreased 3.0%

Who needs it?
Matured skin
All skin types who want a healthy glow

Weight: 100ml


Main Ingredients


Skin brightening & Smoothing skin texture


Gives nutrition and Rebuilds elastic fibers
Improves flexibility and stretching capabilities of skin

Hyaluronic Acid




Improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

24h Glow & Lifted Look

Locks in moisture


How to use

1. Shake well before use
2. Take an appropriate amount of bubbles on the palm or the back of the hand
(Small amount of bubble is enough to apply on the entire face)
3. Gently apply the bubble onto your skin using hands.
*Tip: Use at night time for maximized effects


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