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Collagen Lifting Sheet Mask 5 pcs

Glow effect with Age-R Booster-H

New and Effective Skincare Absorption Noticeable change with 5 minutes of daily use. Experience it for yourself.

What is Age-R Booster-H
Age-R Booster-H creates temporary passageways on the skin layer, rapidly passing active ingredients, help to bring back skin radiance.

1. Uniquely developed by Medicube
Booster-H's Glow Poration Technology gives a hydra&inner glow effect. Application of basic skincare with the Booster-H showed a 490% increase in absorption into the skin compared to using the hands.

2. Trustworthy Certification
Repeatedly tested and made to perfection. (Certifications from KC, CE, FCC, RCM, PSE.) Made and produced in Korea.

Clinical Test

Effects of the Booster-H with just 1 use *Skincare(ampoule+cream) + Booster-H used

Skin Permeability increase 490%
Skin glossiness improvement 57.4%
Skin inner hydration improvement 4.5%
Skin outer hydration improvement 16.5%
Skin texture improvement 6.8%


How to use

First time users, please use the device starting on level 1.

1. Apply skincare to the entire face after cleansing.
2. To turn on, press down on the power button.
3. Click the button to choose which level to use (Levels 1-5 available)
4. Upon choosing a level, try the 3 methods (Boosting, Watering, Focus) then use the most effective method on your skin and other desired areas.


3 Ways to use

Boosting / Best for nourishing and heavy textures - Place the head of the device and gently push up against the skin.
Watering / Best for watery and hydrating textures. - Place the head of the device on the skin and roll in circular motions.
Focus / Best for sheet masks or highly concentrated textures. - Place the head of the device onto areas of concern and press for 3 seconds before moving on to the next area.

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