Deep Peptide Radiance Mask

RM12.00 RM18.00
Deep Peptide Radiance Mask
Weight: 1 SHEET

Strengthen elasticity with one sheet! 4 types of peptide works perfectly for wrinkle improvement, elasticity care and wrinkle improving function. Experience wrinkle, elasticity and moisture improvement effect with just one sheet.

Main Ingredients


Peptide is a component formed by combining amino acids, it is absorbed quickly into the skin to improve and increase skin elasticity

500 Dalton ultra-low molecular weight patented hyaluronic acid

It will keep your skin moist all day

Niacinamide (2.00g) Adenosine (0.04g)

Enabling skin brightening & wrinkle improvement





How to use

1. Gently spread mask sheet on face and remove after 10-20 minutes.
2. Gently pat to enhance absorption.

*Even better with Medicube Age-R
When used with Age-R, the peptide mask acts as an energy conductor to enable effective skin elasticity care!


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