[Viral Toner Pad] Deep Vita C Brightening Pad

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Brighten dull skin tone with pads

Medicube Vitamin Dark Spot Pad

What is Deep Vita C Pad?
Vitamin pads proved effective in making dark spots and blemishes visibly faded in short times

What is special?
POINT 1. Brightening up skin with vitamin ingredients
POINT 2. Effective in making dark spots and blemishes visibly faded
POINT 3. Visible hyperpigmentation care from inner to outer skin from inner to outer skin

Clinical Test
Deep Vita C Pad, 13 Self-tests Complete (4 weeks)
Dark Spots & Blemishes - 5.6% improved
Skin Radiance - 8.8% improved
Outer Skin Hydration - 13.7% improved
Inner Skin Hydration - 3.1% improved
Dead Skin - 43.5% improved
Instant cooling effect - 4.4'c decreased
Facial Lifting - 5.5% improved

Main Ingredients

Sea buckthorn Extract (Vitamin Tree Water)

Key active ingredient for spot care

Vitamin C Derivatives

Boosting ingredient for blemish care


1. Clear and brighter skin while providing moisture to the skin

2. Boost skin elasticity and improve facial lifting

3. Maximized glowing effect by preventing moisture in the skin from evaporation

How to use

Use it instead of toner to wipe away dark spots and pigmentation concerned area
Place it on melasma, spots, and blemishes for 5-10 minutes and use it as a mask

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