Red Clearing Body Lotion

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Clear old skin cells on your body!
Moisturizes, brightens and improves uneven skin tone
Formulated with Niacinamide 2%, Shea butter 2%, and Natural Moisturizing Factor (*NMF) 9.5%

1. Contains hypoallergenic (allergy-free) fragrance
2. Tested low-irritation formula

What is Red Clearing Body Lotion?
Medicube Red Clearing Body Lotion is a dermocosmetic skin care cream
Helps to improve uneven skin tone with brightening agent, Niacinamide

Why medicube Body Lotion
1. Brighter and moisturized skin with dual care complex
Developed with medicube's own in-house formula combined with NMF to provide the best moisturization and brightening experience.

• Niacinamide - Tested and certified to brighten dull skin tone by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
• Natural moisturizing factor, N.M.F - Is present in the skin and locks moisture between skin layers.
Dual care complex work synergistically in reducing flaky skin and boosting skin moisture levels for brighter, healthier looking skin.

2. Gentle, low-irritation formula which is suitable for sensitive skin
Tested and proven low-irritation formula
Free from 26 kinds of allergens

3. Mild powdery scent & non-sticky finish
Formulated with allergy-free fragrance
Certified by OATC to be free from 26 different types of allergens
Source: OATC Skin Clinical Trial Centre, Excerpt from Red Clearing Body Lotion Analytical Report

Who needs it?
Recommended for
1. People with sensitive skin who are looking for a low-irritating body lotion
2. People with itchy, dry skin
3. People with uneven or dull skin tone
4. People looking for a body lotion with a refreshing, non-sticky finish
5. People looking for premium body care products

Size: 230ml

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