Red Foam Cleanser

RM49.00 RM74.00
Gentle, hypoallergenic, deep cleansing

What it is
Red Foam Cleanser provides a deep cleansing care to help relieve skin.
Formulated with 0.45% salicylic acid.
This cleanser deeply cleanses skin while relieving skin. While at it, it also helps to manage excessive sebum.

What is special
Experience rich and moist foam for deep cleansing and cleanse even the toughest makeup thoroughly without worrying about irritation or skin dryness.

Who needs it
People with oily skin type that wants to control sebum.
Size: 120ml


Clinical Results

- 0% irritation - Certified hypoallergenic
- 99% customer satisfaction
- 95% satisfied with skin calming properties
- 98% satisfied with sebum control properties
- 90% satisfied with moisture levels after cleansing

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