Red Serum

RM110.00 RM157.00

* The expiry date of Red Serum is 4th Mar 2024 and that of Red Serum Plus is 17th Jan 2024.

Soothing and non-irritating serum
Suitable for acne-prone skin
Contains over 29 natural plant extracts and oils
Clinically proven as non-irritating and suitable for acne skin

Red Serum contains highly concentrated tea tree oil and other components to specifically soothe and moisturize and is very effective for treating troubled skin. It also has a high absorbency rate that quickly targets troubled skin. Use before denser and richer creams for best results. It is also certified as non-comedogenic, use it without worrying about clogged pores or pimple formation.

Red Serum contains patented 'ovalicin' to balance sebum production and treat severe acne. It targets the main cause of severe acne, which is excessive sebum, to improve skin and acne.

Size: 30ml

Key Ingredients


Maintains and balances sebum production

Japanese prickly ash extract

Protection and defense barrier

Green tea extract

Calm sensitive skin


Relieving troubled skin


Dermatologically Tested

How to use

1. After cleansing, apply an adequate amount on the face
2. Gently pat for better absorption

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