[Salicylic Acid Body Cleanser] Red Acne Body Wash Twin Set

RM174.00 RM248.00

Size: 400 ml *2ea

The Red Acne Body Wash helps get rid of hormonal body acne, including backne, underarm bumps, and chest and butt acne.
It is an effective acne care product that helps exfoliate dead skin cells & impurities effectively while soothing irritated skin to prevent breakouts.
It has deep cleansing properties that helps remove the impurities without stripping the skin and helps balance the pH level. It has also been clinically tested and is safe to use for sensitive skin.

Key Ingredients


Reduces acne & strengthens skin & fades acne scars

Salicylic Acid

Works best for mild acne (blackheads and whiteheads).
It can also help prevent future breakouts.

Hyaluronic acid

Moisturizes the skin





How to use

1.Squeeze out body wash
2.Lather on body, target areas with acne like back & chest
3.Rinse off
TIP: Use it with loofah for extra lather

Red Acne Body Wash

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