Zero Pore Cream 2.0

RM117.00 RM143.00

Size: 50 ml
Hypoallergenic and clinically approved pore minimizing cream that reduces pore visibility
The Zero Pore Cream 2.0 contains patented ingredients that help tighten pores and control excess sebum production

Clinically tested and proven to tighten pores by the Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences. Sebum/moisture balance and excess sebum control that provides refreshing hydration to the skin. 

Key Ingredients

Camellia japonica

Helps with skin hydration & has antioxidant properties

Fomes Officinalis mushroom (extracts)

Pore tightening and moisturizing effects on the skin

Lemongrass extract

Contains pore-calming mixture that helps skin stay bright and moist


Sebum Reducing


Minimizing Pore

How to use

1. Use in the AM and PM after cleansing and toning
2. Scoop appropriate amount and apply on the face starting from the center outwards
3. Lightly pat for better absorption

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