Zero Foam Cleanser

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Cleanse skin from hazardous microfine dust
Thorough microdust cleansing
Low irritation deep cleansing
Daily pore care - Contains quince, lemon balm and orange blossom extract that help tighten pores

Cleanse skin from hazardous microfine dust with Zero Foam Cleanser. Thorough microdust cleansing with PollushieldTM. PollushieldTM contains metallic chelate polymers and strong anti-oxidants that block pollutants in the air from infiltrating the skin barrier. Zero Foam Cleanser has been clinically tested in a publicly recognized institute and has been proven to be effective against microdust after 1 try.

Rich and bouncy lather delivers a soft and strong cleansing. Safe for sensitive skin.

Clinical Results

Dust Cleansing:
In comparison to normal water cleansing, Zero Foam Cleanser recorded a 125.35p difference under 255-intensity experiment

Dust Cleansing Transformation Rate:
While comparing between 2 panel groups (normal water cleansing vs Zero Foam Cleanser), Zero Foam Cleanser recorded a 58.73% difference in cleansing result

Microdust Particle Cleansing (Visia-CR):
Zero Foam Cleanser is proven to remove microdust particles completely (based on visual inspection and photo evidence)

*Excerpt from P&K Skin Clinical Research Center's Microdust Cleansing Bodily Application Research results

Key Ingredients

Chlorogalum leaf and root extract

Naturally sourced ingredients clean and sustain skin without irritation

Wintergreen leaf extract

Naturally sourced salicylic acid that removes dry skin with low irritation


Tightens pores


Sebum Reducing

Moisture Control

Minimizing Pore

How to use

1. Squeeze appropriate amount of cleanser on palm
2. Form lather by rubbing and mixing with water
3. Apply and massage gently on the face
4. Rinse off with warm water

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