[Upgraded] Ultimate Zero Pore Care Set

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Ultimate Pore Care Set
Dealing with pores is a chore. Let Zero Ultimate Pore Care Set do the work for you and get that enviable clear skin even at a close up!

Get clear, poreless skin with our Zero Line Ultimate Pore Care Set. Cleanse skin from hazardous microfine dust with Zero Foam Cleanser and follow up with our star product, Zero Pore Pads that is formulated with AHA Fruit Complex to clear sebum, debris and gunk that is stuck in your pores. Top it up with our lightweight, fast absorbing Zero Pore Serum.

This set comes with our best selling Zero Pore Pads, and the rest of our best-selling Zero Line family: our fast absorbing Zero Pore Serum and our ultra-moisturizing Zero Pore Cream. To top it off, this set comes with a full sized Zero Foam Cleanser to complete your skin routine for clear and pore-free skin.

Main Ingredients

Wintergreen leaf extract:

Naturally sourced salicylic acid that removes dry skin with low irritation.

White Willow Bark:

Contains salicylic acid which helps to unclog pores.

Cypress Tree Leaf, Purslane, Baikal Skullcap:

Natural anti-inflammatory properties decrease swelling of overactive sebum glands.


Sebum reducing

Minimizing pores


Skincare Step

1. Zero Foam Cleanser
Thoroughly removes microdust.
2. Use the embossed side of Zero Pore Pads to exfoliate, then turn around to the silky side to refine and tone.
3. Apply appropriate amount of Zero Pore Serum on your face
4. Apply Zero Pore Cream on your face and pat gently to enhance absorption.

Pair Zero Foam Cleanser with Pore Brush to get an extra rich lather for deep cleansing.