[Limited Quantity] Medicube's Signature Toner Pad Trio

RM296.00 RM392.00

Pad master Medicube's Online Exclusive Toner Pad Set! Accumulated sales surpass 400 million pieces only for Zero Pore Pad! Number one in repurchase rate, 1st place in toner pads for 4 consecutive years.

The collection contains 4 different types of Toner pad, which are Zero Pore Pad 2.0, Deep Vita C Pad, and Super Cica Toner Pad.

*The accmulated sales: the total accumulated sales amount domestically and internationally.

This set includes,

1. Zero Pore Pad 2.0 exfoliates skin dirts, and tightens enlarged pore.
2. Deep Vita C Pad fades hyperpigmentatino and blemishes.
3. Super Cica Toner Pad   Instantly soothes reddened-irritated skin.